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Long ago, two races ruled the Earth.

Humans and Monsters.

They lived side by side in harmony, until a war broke out between them.

Through sheer determination, the monsters banished the humans from the light of day.

Seven most powerful mages of Monsterkind used a powerful magic spell to cast a barrier, permanently sealing the humans away.

No one knows where they were sealed away.

In the generations following the war, the existence of humanity has been forgotten by all but few.


On a dark night, somewhere in a forest was a camping site. There were tents of different shapes and sizes. One that stood out the most among other tents was a large tent that was the shape of a fish's head. It was blue with red earflaps and yellow eyes. Judging by the light inside and the noise, whoever was inside was awake and causing a ruckus.


"Undyne! It's one in the mornin'! Go to sleep!"

There was another tent among the others, not too far from the fish-like one. It was white and cone-shaped with a couple folds serving as doors to the entrance. Inside the tent was a goat-like monster, dressed in green pajamas, lying awake in his sleeping bag. He had white fur, long floppy ears and blond, shoulder-length hair with a fringe casting a shadow over his eyes, blocking them from view.

It was quiet, save for frogs croaking, crickets chirping...

And the argument that can be heard outside the tent.

The goat boy groaned, getting out of the warmth of his sleeping bag. He rummaged in one of his bags and took out a console device and a pair of glasses. He put the glasses on, turned the console on and started playing games on it.

An unknown amount of time passed when he heard footsteps and strange voices outside his tent.

"He can be in any of those tents!"

"Let's throw some grenades, we'll scare them out."

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG, startling the goat boy and making him drop the console device.

Screams and shouts shot out across the camping site.

Among them, a deep voice was heard.


Then a round-faced skeleton in his early twenties opened the flaps of the goat boy's tent. He wore a blue hoodie over light blue pajamas. A scared-looking, long-faced skeleton kid wearing orange pajamas and a red scarf around his neck stood right next to the older skeleton, holding his hand.

"Alan! Grab what you can and come with me and Papyrus!" He shouted, "Hurry!"

Alan quickly picked up his backpack on and ran out with Sans.

"Sans, what is going on?" Alan asked,

"I don't know, but the camp is under attack!" said Sans,

"He's around here somewhere!"

Suddenly, while the trio was trying to get through the panicking crowd, someone crashed into Alan, knocking him over, causing him to lose his glasses and separating him from Sans and the skeleton kid.



Alan tried to push through the crowd in an attempt to reach Sans, but it was no use. Monsters were literally running over each other to get away from the invaders.

By the time Alan managed to get through, there was no trace of Sans or Papyrus anywhere.

The goat boy ran as fast as he could to get away from the camp site.

He ran until he could no longer hear the panicked screeches of his fellow campers.

Soon, it began to rain. Alan groaned, but as soon as he saw a cave he rushed in there and took shelter from the cold weather.

Not long after that, he heard footsteps and rustling of bushes that scared him. He backed away deeper into the cave and made a run for it. Because it was so dark and he did not have his glasses, he could not see where he was going.

Eventually, he tripped.

The cave was filled with echoes of his screams as he fell down a hole.
KDT Prologue - Night Of The Fall
EDIT 11/01/17: I changed the name of the story from "Little Goat Boy" to "Kindness and Determination" and changed the preview pic. Also fixed a few errors.

EDIT 24/12/16: Slightly altered the 5th line of the introduction.

I've finally brought out the prologue of the rebooted series of Little Goat Boy!

Undertale (c) Toby Fox

Reverse Fantasy AU (c) :iconzrllosyn:


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